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Readings with Meg Hayertz reveal that creative blocks are not eternal sources of panic and shame, but essential content of the work at hand. Meg is an insight machine, and this book is a doorway to deep and subtle revelations.
— Carolyn Cooke, Author of Amor and Psycho

"Tarot for Beginners is a must read for all of you who are experiencing a creative block, need inspiration and want to get a handle on those issues that underlie your lives and creative work. An easy read and highly inspirational with how-to methods that I guarantee will connect you to the level of intuition that leads to self-discovery and creative growth. This is the true bible for the artistic individual."

 — Alia Curtis, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot Readings with Alia

Tarot for Beginners

Over the years that I've been reading tarot cards, folks curious about learning the Tarot have asked me, "How do I make sense of the cards? There are so many meanings—which do I choose? What do the vague card meanings listed in books mean for my actual life?"

I tell them that the key to reading tarot cards is accepting and trusting yourself. 

And that's simply a skill. When you have clear explanations and exercises to guide you, listening to your intuition is easier than it sounds!

So, I wrote a clear and simple guide to the Tarot that teaches the meanings of the cards, along with the basics of how to use your deck to lay spreads and get perspective on your life. This book helps you connect with your intuition so that you can cultivate more joy, love, empowerment, beauty and community in your life! 

Available in Oakland at Wolfman Books, Walden Pond Books, and The Raven’s Wing Magical Co.

Available in San Francisco at Alley Cat Books, Dog Eared Books, and The Scarlet Sage.



Looking for further practice?

In Tarot for Beginners, Meg Hayertz synthesizes massive amounts of information, providing a strong foundation of insight, wisdom and encouragement. I especially appreciate that ways she links storytelling to reading the cards. We get to see how tarot can be used as a tool for the artist in all of us. A valuable text for anyone!
— Stella the Good Witch: Healing for Healers