In a little hidden away corner of the garden, Meg set up her table with a calm, welcoming presence. She opened space for an exploration of my inner world, using the cards to shine light on some kinda confusing and turbulent fluctuations that have been happening in my life lately. Rather than tell me what the cards meant, Meg used gentle questions to help me reveal my patterns and uncover my own meaning from the symbolic language and imagery of the cards. She has a very grounded way of opening up space for insights to come in and express themselves. We finished up the session with big smiles and lots of food for thought. What a valuable gift!

- Chris C.



During my initial reading with Meg, I was moved to tears by how strongly the messages that came through resonated with me.

The authenticity of Meg’s readings inspire me to expand my project in ways I could not have imagined previously.
After having several sessions with Meg to hone in on the structure of my memoir, I can say that Meg has a clarity of mind and focus that enables her to deftly apply the messages from the cards to the unique scenario in question during the reading.
Meg uses all the information available in the moment to help you open to unexplored possibilities and creative paths forward...go with an open mind and listen with your heart!


- Audrey T. Williams,



Meg's reading abilities are highly refined and multilayered. Not only did I feel that she could understand the problem I was dealing with, but I also strongly felt that her intuition was connecting with my problem from three different layers, content, personality, and decision making. I highly recommend engaging Meg's keen intellect, it is nothing short of rewarding.


- Anand Jayprakash Vaidya, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Center for Comparative Philosophy,



Meg is insightful, a good listener, and asks targeted questions that have broken open the career struggle i’ve been dealing with. She has helped reveal the issues holding me back and pointed out successes I’d taken for granted.

    In the five months I’ve been working with Meg she has taken me from lying on the ground with ten swords in my back (deeply stressed out about work) to embodying the trusting and creative spirit of the Empress, while shifting toward the Emperor, readying myself to launch my own project.

    Working with Meg has been the best investment in my career, far more effective than the career coach i’d been seeing. I will continue working with Meg as I explore and work on my new creative project because she will provide great guidance — focused and exploratory in timely doses.

- Karen K.



My experience with Meg was amazing. Meg is a gifted Tarot reader; she uses the cards and her own deep abilities to listen and to see under the surface where emotions and thoughts and ideas and memories interweave, bringing illumination and transformation to specific areas of the writer's life. She asks questions that take the writer on a journey into that subterranean world of the writing and the self, and in the process intention and structure and complex connections become clear. There is release. There is affirmation. There is medicine for the writing. I am profoundly grateful.

-Helen Klonaris



Meg is born for Tarot Reading! She's intuitive and listens with ALL of her. Her reading helped me to put a few pressing life themes/challenges into perspective and allowed me to move forward with focus and resolve.

- Dj Ded,



Meg has a powerful ability and a natural affinity for her craft. Being a seeker and a voice for truth is hard, but Meg accomplishes it with compassion, grace and a genuineness that is hard to find. If you have the opportunity to receive a reading from her, grab the chance and be grateful.

- Sarah B.



Meg knows her stuff. She has an intelligent, warm and humble demeanor. My reading was timely and helpful.

- Cole F.



I had a really good experience getting a reading from Meg. It was my first tarot reading, but she was very friendly and her reading made real, practical sense to me on a lot of levels!

- Gabe J.