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Clarity, Focus and Project Completion in 2019



Sunday, January 20th

11:00 am - 2:30 pm


1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94612



  • You’re frustrated trying to narrow your ideas and sketches down to one project

  • Building a finished product out of a great idea feels intimidating

  • You usually prefer to stay in the initial inspired state, rather than deal with organizing your work

  • Deadlines stress you out

  • You feel scattered


This workshop will help you…

  • Use creative blocks as windows into your project’s next steps

  • Make organizing and structuring your project feel meaningful, doable, and exciting

  • Bring your ideas into fruition as a finished piece this year, so you can give yourself and your audience the gift you were meant to create!


 You'll walk away with...

  • Your personalized 2019 Project Completion Map

  • Grounding, Focus, and Motivation

  • Keys for finding consistent satisfaction in your practice in 2019

  • Confidence that you will complete your project!

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