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Create with Confidence


Move from Doubt and Distraction to Writing Your Book or Crafting Your Project with Confidence!

3 - 6 pm (PT) Saturday, May 19th


1721 Broadway #201, Oakland, CA 94612



If Your Writing, Art, or Academic Practice Feels…

  • Haphazard

  • Exhausting

  • Unsustainable

  • Like a Rollercoaster

  • Scattered

  • Marked by ennui, addiction, or depression


And You’re Ready for Your Practice to Feel…

  • Healthy

  • Stable

  • Organic

  • Healing

  • Pleasurable

  • Fruitful

  • Fulfilling

  • Confident


In this Creative Momentum workshop you will:

  • Transition into a healthier practice

  • Identify blocks and move through them

  • Establish balance through creative exercises, ritual, and community

  • Deepen your understanding of the creative process

  • Gain skills for confidently bringing your project to completion


You’ll Walk Away with…

  • A Strategy for Completing Your Project

  • Content for Your Project

  • Skills for Creating and Maintaining Balance and Momentum


When our creative practice has lost its romance... and we find our creative process to be stifled by discipline, or not structured enough... and our style of making or writing has run its course…

We’re given the opportunity to grow. Into a more beautiful, compassionate practice.

If you’re a writer who’s been working on that memoir for years…

If you’re a visual artist who is making work but having trouble pulling a show together or submitting for grants and commissions…

If you have a project you let go because you didn’t know how to continue…

The key thing your practice might be missing is a balance between thinking, feeling, and exploring. When thinking and feeling integrate, become balanced, and support each other within us, the art we make becomes limitless.

Join us for a gentle, deep half-day workshop to learn key ways to move from doubt and distraction to writing your book or crafting your project with confidence.

Meg Hayertz, author of Tarot for Beginners, believes creating is an act of listening. As the founder of Creative Momentum, she helps writers, artists, performers and academics unlock creative blocks, deepen their inspiration and finish their project. She holds an MFA in Writing and Consciousness from California Institute of Integral Studies. Her fiction has appeared in The Louisville Review, VoiceCatcher, and Door Is a Jar Magazine Blog. She was a finalist in the 2013 James Jones First Novel Fellowship Contest. Also, she believes in you.

Alan Clark moved to Oakland to write his latest graphic novel series, In Search of the Black Panther Party. He is also author of the sci fi soap opera, Babylon, and the founder of Phantom Electrik Comics. Clark studied thermal dynamics and theoretical physics at Georgia State University. He uses a pragmatic and practical method to help artists take an abstract desire and make it a tangible accomplishment.

Art Credit: Alan Clark

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