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Trust Your Inner Artist: New Year's Deep Dive Reading

197.00 400.00

·      Overcome insecurities and gain deeper understanding of your personal strengths and essence.

·      Identify sources of blocks and areas to develop, with guidance for how to overcome these challenges.

·      Quit scrambling for out-of-reach skills and inspiration, but rather find what you need within yourself so you can create authentically and with ease from a place of self-understanding.

·      Stop trying too hard! Trust yourself and your process! Enjoy the results!

Who: You, Astrologer Jada Imani, & Tarot Reader Meg Hayertz

Length: 90-Minute Session

Value: $400


Walk Away with:

·      A recording of your Trust Your Inner Artist Deep Dive session, for ongoing clarity and grounding in your creative voice

·      Typed recap sheets detailing your ability to guide yourself as an artist, based on astrology and life-path tarot cards

·      Direction, confidence and trust in yourself as an artist!


We will be in touch with you to schedule your in-person or video call session!

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